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Dental Insurance

We accept most private insurance plans and will assist you in determining what portion of your treatment is covered by insurance.  Please bring your insurance card or papers on the first visit.

Please understand, however, that you are ultimately responsible for payment of all services. Should your insurance not cover what is estimated, you will be responsible to pay any uncovered portion.

Questions and Answers


You have a valuable benefit with your dental insurance.  Often patients have questions regarding their insurance.  We hope the following information will be helpful.  If you have other questions, please ask so that we may help you and others.


Q:  What is Dental Insurance?

A:  Dental Insurance is a policy that pays for some dental procedures based on a fee schedule developed by the insurance company.  This fee schedule is a reflection of the premiums paid for the policy.  Usually the higher the premium paid, the higher the fee schedule and better policy coverage and benefits.


Q:  Will I have to file my insurance?

A:  No. We will continue to provide the service of filing your insurance for you at no additional charge.


Q:  Why has Drs. Warren & Hardee not signed with my Insurance Plan?

A:  Our primary focus is your well-being and good dental health by providing caring, trustworthy, common sense and quality dentistry for a fair and competitive fee.  We strive to know our patients and to make sound business decisions.  We believe a large bureaucratic insurance corporation should not be making health choices for our patients nor business determinations for our practice that will reduce the quality, time and care our patients deserve to receive. 


Q:  Why did my insurance company not cover my entire dental bill like they said they would?

A:  The insurance company will tell you that they cover 100% of some dental treatments.  What they don't tell you is that the 100% is of their fee schedule.


Q:  Can your office, or I, find out, if they will cover 100% beforehand?

A:  One would think this would be a simple commonsense request, however there are rare instances when the insurance company will share their fee schedules prior to treatment being provided.


Q:  How do Drs. Warren & Hardee's fees compare to my Insurance fee schedule?

A:  Until the last few years our dental fees were met by the majority of insurance policies.  Recently we have found many insurance companies have kept old schedules, have decreased their fee schedules or have had very small increases.  Our fees over the years have been very competitive for Eastern, North Carolina.


Q:  Am I responsible for the few dollars my insurance does not cover?

A:  Yes.  Your are responsible for your full bill.  We do have various helpful financing options to assist you in receiving the dental care you desire.


Q:  Why should I come to Drs. Warren & Hardee when I may pay a little less elsewhere?

A:  We consider caring for you a privilege and an honor.  We pride ourselves in developing trusting relationships as we make dental recommendations that are in your best interest.  We will spend the extra time striving to communicate with you the alternatives of treatment, including the advantages, disadvantages and cost of resolving your dental concerns.  We believe there is value in the time and care we share with you to help you achieve the healthy mouth and the beautiful smile you desire.


Q:  What can I do about the low fee schedule my insurance may have?

A:  Speak to your Human Resource Manager or your insurance agent.  Let them know of your concerns and dissatisfaction with the quality of coverage the policy provides compared to the premiums you are paying. The best plan is a simple reimbursement policy that allows you to have complete control of how you spend your dental benefit.


Thank you for allowing Drs. Warren and Hardee to care for your dental health!



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