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Sports Guards


Drs Warren & Hardee provides custom fitted sports guards for junior sports and for professional heavy contact sports. Mouth guards are to be worn during practices as well as during competition.


Mouth guards can prevent broken teeth, concussions, injuries to the lips, tongue, face and jaw. If properly fitted, it will stay in place while wearing it and allow you to talk and breath easier.


The American Dental Association recommends that mouth guards be worn during all heavy contact sports. For more information please ask Drs. Warren & Hardee.


Your smile is worth protecting whether you're eight or eighty. If you participate in a contact sport like football, basketball or soccer or even a non-contact sport like rollerblading, a custom mouth guard can help prevent potential damage to your teeth. Hear why having a mouth guard is important in helping to protect your mouth and smile

American Dental Association Recommendations on Sports Guards
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